Replenish, renew, and restore couples’ relationships with God and with each other.

About Us

Kristin & Montell Jordan

Montell & Kristin have been married to each other for nearly 30 years and in marriage ministry for 15. They are committed to pastoring pastors and influencing influencers and helping couples preserve their family legacy. With over 2 decades of entertainment business/industry/athletics experience, the Jordans curate safe spaces for couples to heal by applying faith principles and practical application in Marriage Masterpeace Retreat Center (MMRC) 3-5 day experiences. Top therapists and experts in overcoming trauma, tragedy and infidelity join the Jordans to assist these advances.

The Vision

Replenish, Renew, and Restore couples’ relationships with God and with each other.

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Join our commitment to “Happily Forever After.”
The Mission

Marriage Masterpeace

Retreat Centers

will equip, empower, and encourage married couples to discover and experience God’s best for their marriage.
  • Transform marriages by sharing God’s truth in love.
  • Establish/restore family legacy.
  • Provide 411 for marriages before 911 is necessary.
  • Make “forever” the best forever possible.
  • Eliminate divorce as an option.
1 Million Marriages committed to
“Happily Forever After.”
How We Do It...

Marriage Masterpeace

Retreat Center

  • Host 3-5 day secluded getaways
  • Intensives: Ministry, leadership, marriage & life experiences
  • Local & international
  • Marriage enhancement
  • Spiritual growth
  • Self-care, mental health care and wellness
The Plan

3 Phase Plan

We invite you to partner with us in our phase 1 pursuit as we aim to raise $5 Million,
to secure our West Coast MMRC and it's initial 3 years of operating capital.

Phase 1

The First 3 Months

  • Raise $2.6M to secure the facility through tax deductible donations
  • $400K closing costs and property upgrades
  • Secure strategic partners, endorsements, and retainers

Phase 2

The Next 9 Months

  • $1M for furnishings, production equipment, curriculum development, food/ operation supplies
  • Admin, Marketing, PR, website development, IT
  • $500K- Staffing, training, property maintenance

Phase 3

Year 1

  • $500K- 3 years of operations 2023-2025
  • MMRC Launch!
  • Pro teams & industry clientele bookings
  • Therapist travel & expenses
  • Team building resources and activities

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Join our commitment to “Happily Forever After.”



Where will the retreat center be located?

Southern California. We feel purposed to begin our marital healing journey ministry near the entertainment capital of the world. 

How will you provide a safe place for couples?

Privacy (within our secured location), confidentiality and anonymity are key factors for guests of MMRC. Those with public lives need a space to heal in private. MMRC is designed to keep couple’s confidence. (Covid-19 considerations are also being made for physical safety measures) 

How can I support Marriage Masterpeace?

1. Prayer

2. Referrals

3. Give.

Marriage Masterpeace is a 501c3 nonprofit and your contributions are tax deductible. Consider a one-time gift or monthly partnership to assist our mission to see 1 Million marriages saved. 

How will the retreat center be used?

In addition to MMRC 3-5 day advances, the property will also be used as a venue to host weddings, receptions, special events, corporate meetings, trainings, small conferences and intimate gatherings/ministry events. 

Will you have qualified personnel at MMRC?

Yes. Licensed therapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches, speakers, and ministry leaders are partnering with the Jordans to create lasting impact for the couples. 

Partner With Us!

Join our commitment to “Happily Forever After.”