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Build a Deeper, More Connected Love With Your Spouse

This powerful marriage bundle is designed to help husbands and wives find the joy God intended for marriage together. Couples will take on an eight-week journey to enhance their marriage through the Jordan’s co-authored marriage book, DVD, and supplemental workbook. Together you will read two chapters a week that coincide with a 15-minute video teaching. After this, the workbook will help you engage in an in-depth discussion that will allow you to better understand your spouse and God. The comprehensive curriculum can be taken with just your spouse, in a group of married friends, or even alongside an entire ministry. No matter what you choose, you’ll learn the tools and principles needed to keep divorce off the table and grow strength in your marriage through Christ.

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Why We Do What We Do

Montell and Kristin Jordan know the hardships a marriage can face better than most. After years in the music industry their marriage faced infidelity, financial stress, loss of a child, and a loss of faith. Despite all of this, Montell and Kristin were able to re-establish their marriage and grow in love by devoting themselves to God. Today, they are on a journey to see 1 million marriages transformed by the power of Jesus Christ just like theirs was.



Montell & Kristin have been married and in the music business for over 26 years, and this is their first time recording a duet together. This soulful ballad is off the Masterpeace album and supports their Marriage Masterpeace Ministry. The album and single are available for digital purchase and on streaming platforms everywhere. Please subscribe to this channel and look for more upcoming music and ministry videos. Without your endorsement, word of mouth and support, these projects of the heart may never be seen or heard. Produced and Composed by Travon Potts, Written and Arranged by Montell & Kristin Jordan and Crystal Nicole. Video filmed by Kevin West

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New Album!
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"Masterpeace" the album is the soundtrack for our Marriage Masterpeace Ministry. It promotes and encourages couples to keep dating in their marriage and spiritually strengthen their faith in God to have more faith in each other. The album is comprised of R&B songs from the heart of a man who loves God, his wife and his family. The project is designed to reach beyond the four walls of the church and to inspire love and closer relationship in marriages by intentionally sharing thoughts from a more spiritual perspective. Married couples will need baby sitters for this album because they will be inspired to dance longer, love harder, and make it last forever.



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