During the challenges of 2020 and 2021, the Jordans and the Lowes partnered to create fun and encouraging at-home video date nights enjoyed by thousands of married couples. Now they are excited to get out! Welcome to….

This Is How We Date Night is a plug-n-play, one-night event hosted by your church or organization. Couples will experience a night of laughter, biblically-based encouragement, practical application, and follow-up resources. You can customize the night or it can be completely turnkey.


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The Event Includes:

(with a booked show)
  • Two-hour event with the Jordans & the Lowes
  • Turn-key production via ProPresenter files
  • Customizable marketing materials
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Montell & Kristin Jordan

Together, Montell & Kristin Jordan began both their marriage and music career journeys over 20 years ago. They entered into the recording industry as artist and manager with the #1 hit song “This Is How We Do It” less than one year after saying “I do.” The challenges of being married in the music business resulted in an unpredictable story where after two decades of world tours and millions of album sales, they chose marriage over music, faith over fame, and significance over success. Ultimately, they allowed God to reinvent their lives to focus on their family values, their passion to see the covenant of marriage reestablished, and to restore hope in the hearts of men and women everywhere. Since 2008, the Jordans have served faithfully at Victory World Church in Norcross, Georgia where Montell is an ordained minister and executive pastor. Kristin is an author, public speaker, mentor and gifted leader who has a passion for prayer. They live in Norcross, Georgia, where they teach, minister, provide both pre-marital and marriage counseling, and are parents to 5 wonderful children ages 5-28, a one grandchild. You can learn more about the Jordans on their website, montellandkristin.com

Ted & Nancie Lowe

Since 1998, this dynamic duo has made it their mission to help strengthen relationships and make marriage real, fun and simple.

The Lowes have traveled extensively helping married people from all walks of life. The former Director of MarriedLife at North Point Church, in Alpharetta, Georgia, Ted (with the guidance of Nancie), helped to program and host events, date nights and retreats with the singular focus of relationship building. Ted currently serves as a speaker, author and director at MarriedPeople.org. This trailblazing organization has further expanded Lowe’s cause of helping marriages to succeed.

Your Best Us is the latest book authored by Ted and was written as a voice of encouragement for married couples. Featuring the tagline, “Marriage is easier than you think,” Lowe stresses the notion that couples can be the best version of “us,” and do not have to concede to a “cookie cutter” version of someone else’s marriage. The Lowes live in Cumming, Georgia with their three children. You can learn more about Ted Lowe at his website, www.tedlowe.com.