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Words Matter

By September 15, 2015May 26th, 2019No Comments

What’s it like to be married to Montell Jordan? How did you meet Montell? Do you listen to “This is How We Do It?” all the time?

These are just a few of the usual questions that come along when people find out the “Jordan” at the end of my name is because I’m married to Montell. After twenty years of marriage, I guess I’m used to it but for some reason, people are still surprised—and incredibly intrigued—when they find out that who my man really is.

Montell and I have been through a lot—success, failure, riches, poverty, infidelity, honeymoon bliss & more. We’ve traveled the world living an extravagant lifestyle and been in the company of great celebrities. However, things weren’t always as easy-going as they appeared.

There was a season when Montell’s career was taking a beating, and it drastically affected our financial stability. He was dealing with depression; the weight of our struggles was taking its toll on him physically, mentally & emotionally.

In that season, I had a choice. I had to decide how I would respond and more importantly, what I would say. Should I fall into the trap of becoming a nagging wife, quick to call out my husband’s weaknesses? Or should I speak life to him, reminding him of who I know—and our Father knows—he is?

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